White Shaft

The Only Arcade-Style Joystick for the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console!

  Pink Shaft
A Customizable Turbo Function allows you to program individual buttons to be Turbo while leaving others to work as normal.
  Black Shaft
Full 360 Degree range of motion that works with both digital and analog stick games. 8 Locking points for Awesome response in Fighting Games. 10-Year Warranty.


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We've had a lot of questions about the Shaft, so here are answers to the most common ones:

Q. Is The Shaft wired or Wireless?
A: The Shaft is Wired, in our experience, wireless controllers do not offer the response time required for fast-paced fighting games.

Q: Is The Shaft compatible with all Virtual Console Games?
A: Yes, we have tested The Shaft with games on all current VC Games. It works with Analog games like Mario Kart 64, and Digital games like Super SF2 Turbo

Q: How big is the Shaft Joystick?
A: The Shaft is an Arcade-Style Controller, so it is approximately 6 inches x 11 inches in width.

Q: The Joystick looks thin, is it built to last?
A: YES! We are commited to making the best joystick possible, the stick has a steel core for ultimate strength and a 10-Year Warranty.

Q: Is The Shaft compatible with GameCube Games?
A: Yes, The Shaft is compatible with GameCube Games as well as the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console.






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